Two of the things that many travelers enjoy when visiting a hotel is getting to check in early and getting to check out late. Checking in early is nice if you've been traveling all day and want to have time for a quick nap and a shower before you head out for the evening, while checking out is ideal if you want to sleep in late and then enjoy room service breakfast. Some people allow their schedules to be dictated by their hotel's check-in and checkout times, but it's important to know that you can adjust these times in a few different ways. Here are some ways you can check in earlier and check out later.

Fill Out The "Special Request" Section When Booking Online

If you book your accommodation directly through the hotel's website, there will often be some custom options that you can fill out once you've selected your date and the type of room you want. Among these options is often a choice to check in early and check out late, so keep your eyes open for this section of the online application. If there isn't a designated section for this topic, there was be an open box for listing any special requests; simply note your request in this space.

Ask At The Front Desk

Some people who visit hotels may be surprised to know that you can get an awful lot of perks simply by asking at the front desk. There's no harm in showing up early before the designated check-in time. In some cases, your room will be ready. If it isn't, you might simply get moved to another room that meets your criteria. You can also ask if you'd be able to check out a little later than usual. Do so politely and there's a high probability that your request will be granted. For example, say, "Would there be any chance that I could check out just a little later tomorrow morning? I'd really appreciate if that were possible."

Join The Loyalty Program

Obtaining membership in the hotel brand's loyalty program has several perks, but being able to check in early and check out late is a prominent feature. In many cases, you'll even be able to stipulate your desired check-in and checkout times when you make your reservation. Loyalty programs do not have a cost to join and, if you travel even semi-frequently, are worth taking time to register for.

Keep these tips in mind next time you visit a hotel such as Creole Inn.