The prospect of going on vacation might have you excited, but when you have special dietary needs, things can get a little complicated along the way. It is easy to make adjustments at home because you have full control of the groceries that you bring home and where you shop in the local area. But, you do not have these luxuries when you are traveling, so you need to do extra research to make up for the lack thereof. Following tips on staying in hotels will ensure your dairy-free allergy does not hold back your trip.

Breakfast Accommodations

The first thing that you will want to consider when planning is the hotel accommodations. If they serve breakfast, you might be able to avoid heading off the premises to have breakfast in the morning. But, you will want to get in contact with the hotel to see what they offer when serving breakfast. It is important to prioritize hotels with employees who are knowledgeable in this regard or willing to look up the details. You want them to refer directly to the food that they serve to get nutritional information. Most breads and some pastries do not have dairy, which can give you some decent options for eating breakfast.

It is also worth seeing if the hotel offers non-dairy coffee creamer. Some places only have milk and half-and-half, which would prevent you from being able to make your coffee creamy before drinking. An alternative may just be a hotel that offers tea, so that is another detail to take into consideration.

Guest Room Features

Certain features in the guest rooms can make or break your hotel experience. If the hotel you are interested in does not offer breakfast in the morning, you can still get by without a problem. But, you will greatly appreciate when the rooms have a refrigerator at the very least for keeping perishable food cold. Many guest rooms have a personal coffee maker that you can use, but you may not be able to use the complimentary creamer. A refrigerator makes it easy to bring along refrigerated non-dairy creamer. Some great options include liquid creamers that are made from coconut, soy, or almond.

For extended stays, having businesses nearby where you can restock on breakfast foods or non-dairy coffee creamer can prevent you from having a limited selection or having to drive a lengthy distance to get what you need. Considering these details when planning a vacation will ensure your dairy allergy does not get in the way of having an incredible trip and positive experience with staying at a hotel.