If you travel a lot for your job, you might find yourself eating out too much and not exercising enough. This can lead to you gaining weight and feeling less healthy. Here are some tips for exercising in your hotel room when you are short on time and space.

1. Check for Fitness Options Ahead of Time

Before you go to any hotel, check the hours for any exercise facilities that they have and bring the right clothing. For example, the hotel might have a small fitness center that just has cardio machines. If this is the case, make sure that you pack your running shoes and clothes that are comfortable to exercise in. If your hotel only has a pool, consider bringing a swimsuit. Make sure that you get the hours beforehand so that you know if you have to wake up early or stay up late in order to get your exercise session in.

2. Learn Some Body Weight Exercises

The next thing that you want to do is learn some body weight exercises. These are exercises that rely on the weight of your body to stress your muscles. You might worry that you cannot progressively overload your muscles using just your body because, if you're doing it right, your body is going to decrease is weight, rather than increase. But the good thing is that you can progressively overload your muscles and therefore get more toned by simply doing more reps and more sets. Keep a small notebook of body weight exercises that you can do, including push ups, sit ups, squats, wall sits, and planks. Make a note of how many you can do or for how long you can do them. This will help you continuously improve and therefore progressively overload your muscles so that they get stronger.

If you really do not like body weight exercises, consider investing in a pair of exercise bands. These are lightweight and will get through security with no problem.

3. Figure Out Your Favorite Way of Getting Your Heart Rate Up

Finally, figure out a way to do some cardio and get your heart rate up while you are in the hotel. You might not have a ton of space, and the gym that you are in might not have a ton of space. Consider doing jumping squats, jumping jacks, burpees, or simply running in place to make sure that you are breaking a sweat.

For more information, talk to your hotel. They might have suggestions for fitness spots in the area.