If you're a hotel owner, you likely have a checklist of what might feel like a million different things that need to be checked daily. A key part of that checklist for many full-service hotels is providing guests with food and beverage services. But the food and beverage industry is notorious for high turnover, and preparing food on a daily basis can take up a lot of resources and time. That's why many full-service hotel owners are today turning to third-party hospitality companies that can handle on-site food and beverage management. Here are three ways that a third party hospitality firm might be able to help you and your hotel.

Save Money

Yes, bringing in an outside firm costs money, but when you run the numbers, you may find that you actually come out ahead. For example, if you are right now keeping multiple full-time chefs on your own payroll, you are likely responsible for helping with their health care costs and contributing to a 401K. When you bring in an outside party, you only pay the firm and they will handle all of the fine details for each individual employee. Given the typical costs of health care, it might actually be cheaper for you to sign a contract with a third-party firm than to continue doing everything in-house.

Offer the Latest Culinary Delights

Food and beverage management companies provide regular training for their employees to ensure that all of their cooks are up to date with the latest trends in the culinary arts. When you hire a food and beverage management company, you will know that every chef they send to you will be able to provide your guests with the best possible service. Best of all, you do not have to pay for ongoing training for anyone on your own staff because it's already taken care of by the outside firm.

Extra Seasonal Help When Needed

While many hospitality firms can be hired on an ongoing basis, it's also possible for you to sign a short-term contract if needed. For example, if your hotel is normally busy during the summer convention season, you will likely want to have some additional help in the kitchen. But during the rest of the year you can go back to having only one or two in-house chefs if you decide that's what's best for your business. 

Hiring a third-party hospitality or food and beverage company for your hotel is a great way to streamline one of the more complicated daily tasks you need to take care of on a daily basis as the hotel owner. Going with a third-party company may even save you money and will help ensure that all of your guests are served by chefs who have the most up to date information on cooking trends and techniques. Reach out to a food and beverage management company such as D&G Hospitality for more information.